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About Us

Our Approach

Our Approach at Cedar Creek CBD is simple, high quality CBD products at competitive prices. We work hard to continuously deliver and develop products that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Every item in our product range goes through third-party testing to prove to our customers that we are giving you the CBD you deserve.

Our Story

Cedar Creek CBD was founded by individuals that have been working in the CBD industry for years. To bring CBD to the next level, expertise from a broad range of fields joined the mission. Teaming up together Cedar Creek CBD has formed a market leading team to meet the every changing needs of the CBD industry.
The Cedar Creek CBD team comprises of individuals that are capable of developing and deploying our products in a fast concept to market approach, while maintaining the highest standards.

Next Steps…

Customers looking for the highest quality product, visit our online shop. Retailers or Distributors looking to add Cedar Creek CBD to your range of products, give us a call or shoot us an email. Let us know how we can help!


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