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Diana Ackerman*, 58, Homemaker - Diary - 1000mg Full Spectrum

5 weeks using Cedar Creek 1000mg Natural Flavor Full Spectrum Tincture. I used the tincture until it was completely empty and took daily notes of my experience and journey with natural treatment.

For some background, we are a household of 5 people, my husband, our two daughters, and our son. My son is 18, and he is our youngest. My daughters are 23 and 25 years old. I do the majority of the cooking (particularly supper) and do the cleaning and laundry for the family. Due to Covid-19 and a nationwide quarantine, for the duration of this diary testimonial, my days were spent as such, with the addition of watching TV with my husband. However, my daily routine renders me with pain, and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, as well as osteoarthritis. To briefly elaborate, fibromyalgia is a disorder resulting in widespread musculoskeletal pain, which can be accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues – although I don’t experience all of those symptoms. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that worsens over time, often resulting in chronic pain. The degradation of cartilage leads to joint pain and stiffness, which can become severe enough to make daily tasks difficult. Neither is curable, but the symptoms can be managed. The medication that has been prescribed to me is listed below. I have decided not to take this medication and only to supplement daily with the natural alternative, full-spectrum hemp extract (containing all of the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, as well as phytonutrients in the form of terpenes and flavonoids), which I have chosen over an isolate not only because of the enhanced benefits brought about by the “entourage effect”. For two consecutive nights before starting my treatment with hemp extract, I have been sleeping with my legs elevated by pillows as an attempt to alleviate some of the pain. I also have a “belt”  that is fastened around my lower back to restrict movement and protect my muscles from the strain. Additionally, it is not uncommon for me to have to use a hot water bottle and to have to take breaks when cleaning the house. I will continue to do these things as necessary.




Vimovo (500/20)

1 tablet daily


Only when pain demands


7 April 2020

I have taken my first 33.33mg (1mL) dose in the morning. I have decided to consider this my fixed dosage, as my condition requires a stronger treatment approach than SAHPRA’s recommended daily amount of 20mg – which is for maintenance of health.

I was tired in the afternoon and took several naps while laying on the couch in front of the TV with my husband, binge-watching series.

8 April

Today I have taken 1mL under my tongue for 30 seconds, in the morning. I did not take any naps today.

9 April

I took my standard dose this morning. Today I had been cleaning the house, as I do every day, but found that I was able to sweep and bend without experiencing as much pain as I usually do.

10 April

I have decided to take the 33.33mg dose in the evening today, as I want to ensure that I don’t nap during the day; Living in a household with my husband and 3 children, who all love to eat different things and cook individual meals at various times of the day…yet, none of them clean up after themselves or wash any dishes. So, rather than waking up from a nap and seeing the kitchen dirty after having already cleaned it, and feeling crabby, I have attempted to appease my ailments by supplementing in the evening. That being said, this morning my husband said to me “Why are you being so short with me?”

 In light of today, I have realized that the tincture has a calming and mood-elevating effect, and I would prefer to take my doses in the morning for this reason.

 11 April

I took my standard dose this morning – one full pipette, before food or drink, under the tongue for 30 seconds. I felt intermittently light headed throughout the day (this feeling fades away). I am not sure what the cause of this is. Also, hot flushes, a symptom of menopause, have been exacerbated. Furthermore, I have been feeling irritated and moody, I speculate as to a result of both menopause and quarantine.

My back has been less sore, despite the fact that last night I did not sleep with pillows under my legs, and I did not require the use of a hot water bottle as I did not experience any pain. I did make use of the belt as a preventative measure through so that when I bend, my back does not go out of wack. Usually, I particularly experience backache in the morning, and I have found that this ache seems to come and go.

I have been playing a color-in app on my mobile phone, and this usually causes my hands a bit of pain, and today I noticed that this pain has been less than usual.

12 April

I took my standard dose this morning. I felt irritated today, but I definitely felt like I am coping and handling my moods better.

At dinner, my husband and I had a dispute and my eldest daughter had pointed out to me afterward that I was notably less upset, and that I voiced what I had wanted to say with more confidence than usual.

13 April

I took my standard dose this morning. My back is feeling much better – not only have I not been sleeping with pillows under my legs but today I did not use my belt! I cleaned today and felt fine. Usually, sweeping the floor can cause high levels of pain, but today I noticed a major improvement.

I experienced hot flushes again today and will need to test if there is a correlation between the cannabis extract supplementation and the intensification of the menopausal symptom of hot flushes.

14 April

It is now 4:30 pm, and I am taking my dose. I have decided to take it later in the evening as an attempt to test whether or not the tincture is responsible for my aggravated symptoms of menopause. I have not experienced any hot flushes, headaches, or backache throughout the day, so far. Should I present any menopausal symptoms later this evening, I can conclude that the oil is indeed to blame.

For the moment, I feel and have been feeling irritated. Earlier, I had planned to iron but found that I was unable, as when I had held the iron my hand was in a significant amount of pain.

Evening update, my mood has improved and I feel less irritated. I have not felt any hot flushes or headaches. It seems there is no correlation between the hemp extract and the aggravation of my symptoms of menopause.

Additionally, I can definitely conclude at this point in my testimonial already, that daily supplementation with full-spectrum cannabis tinctures will elevate ones mood.

15 April

I took my standard dose at 10 am this morning. My eldest daughter did an hour of Zumba today, which I had attempted to join. I feel I may have bent my knee incorrectly, but I am not in any pain and I feel good.

I did not experience any hot flushes or headaches today.

16 April

I took my standard dose this morning. Everything is good, and I feel great.

17 April

I took my standard dose this morning. My morning backache has significantly reduced from a pain level of 10/10 to a 3/10. My knee has been feeling uncomfortable, but this is a result of the strain from exercise yesterday (Zumba), as well as the cold weather having an effect, as I have had an operation on my knee, last year in November. Other than that, I feel good and I did not feel irritable today.

18 April

It is now 12:30 pm, and I am feeling irritated (because the kitchen is a mess, again), so I am taking my dose.

I am feeling more relaxed, and the tincture has offered the reprieve that I needed.

19 April

I took my standard dose this morning, and all is well. My knee presented some discomfort today, but I speculate that this is a result of the cold weather effects.

20 April

I am taking my standard dose in the evening today, as I was busy and it slipped my mind, but I am feeling irritated at the moment, and I know the tincture will alleviate this. I did not experience any pain today.

21 April

I took my standard dose this morning, and all is well. I feel good.

22 April

It is now 4:30 pm and I am taking my standard dose, as I have forgotten to do so earlier. I have nothing else to report on, as all is well, and I feel good.

23 April

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well, and I feel good.

24 April

I took my standard dose this morning, and have some interesting news to report. Fibromyalgia flare-ups tend to occur if I am stressed or angry. Today I felt both of those emotions, and am happy to report that I did not experience any flare-up or symptoms. Generally, this is dependent on lifestyle and habit, and I definitely think the tincture has had an influence.

Aside from the above, all is well.

25 April

I took my standard dose this morning. I felt a bit moody today, but other than that, all is well.

26 April

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well.

27 April

I took my standard dose this morning. I wore my belt for an hour, as I have been sitting, or rather slouching on the couch, watching TV. I have an extra vertebra, which causes me pain as its existence leads to compression and back problems.

28 April

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well, and I feel good.

29 April

I took my standard dose this morning. Upon some reflection, I have noticed that my appetite has been regulated. At the start of quarantine, lying on the couch with my husband, binge watching series was usually accompanied by numerous snacks. Lately, I have been eating two meals a day without concern.

30 April

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well, and I feel good.

1 May

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well, and I feel good.

2 May

The child-lock on the tincture seemed to have been stuck, and I really struggled to open the tincture today. I applied heat (pouring hot water over it) and then I was able to open the bottle. I then proceed to measure my usual 1ml on the graduated pipette and took my daily dose of 33.33mg of cannabinoids.

3 May

I took my standard dose this morning, and then my husband and I took our dog and went for a walk. I cannot remember the last time that we have taken a walk to the park, or anywhere, for that matter. I have no pain to report, all is well, and I feel good.

4 May

I took my standard dose this morning and then went on a walk with my husband and our dog. We added some distance to our route today. I am happy to report that this did not result in any pain and that I feel good.

I did have a headache today but speculate that that is a result of either, too much coffee, too little water...or both.

5 May

I took my standard dose this morning. All is well, and I feel great. My mood has been really good today.

6 May

Sadly, today marks my final dose, which I am taking now.

Upon some reflection, I can honestly say that since I have started supplementing with hemp extract, I have seen a significant improvement in various aspects of my life, and can attest to its contribution to overall wellbeing and happiness.

Medical professionals have prescribed me with anti-inflammatory medication for the remainder of my life, in order to manage the symptoms of the conditions that ail me. Since the start of this testimonial, I have not taken any of the aforementioned medication, and have supplemented daily with premium cannabis extract, and have not had any need to resort to unnatural medications. It is alleviating my symptoms, and I have seen a major improvement; I no longer wake up with a backache, I no longer feel the need to utilize the belt for long durations, my posture has improved, I have not felt the need to return for my monthly chiropractor session, my mood has been elevated, my appetite has been regulated and I am sleeping better. I am so thankful that I have stumbled upon this product, thank you, Cedar Creek!






*This is a pseudonym, for the privacy of the author.

Yellow highlighting is representative of emphasis placed by the author.

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