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A Brief History of Cannabis


'Did you know that Queen Victoria used cannabis for relief of menstrual cramps?'


Cannabis has a long history of being used for its therapeutic properties. Historians note that the earliest written reference to the healing potential of cannabis was recorded in a Chinese text as early as 1500 BC.

Egyptians around 1213 BC are said to have used cannabis for ailments including glaucoma and inflammation, and the therapeutic benefits of cannabis were cited in an Indian Ayurvedic text dated 600 BC.

Furthermore, it is believed that the inhabitants of Rome and ancient Greece used cannabis to treat various ailments. Even Queen Victoria in the late 1800’s, was reportedly prescribed cannabis by her physician for relief of menstrual cramps.


'Did you know that the USA briefly lifted its ban on cannabis to help fight World War 2?'


Restrictions around the sale and use of cannabis products in the USA began around the 1900’s, and culminated with the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. In the years leading up to the tax act, cannabis use was quite common, but after the enactment citizens could be arrested for possession of cannabis.

During the Second World War the ban was temporarily lifted. The United States government even released a short film called “Hemp for Victory”, which aimed to encourage farmers to grow as much hemp as possible. The film detailed how to grow and process the highly versatile plant into rope, cloth and other important resources to be used in the war effort. After the war, hemp reverted back to its illegal status.


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